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E-Plus Emergency Services Week, a talk by Sifa Mwayaya, Paramedics Team Leader, Narok County

Thursday, January 24, 2019


I joined E-Plus in 2010 and my first location was Malindi and by extension, Coast Region. I am a trained Intensive Care Nurse and operating in the BLS and ACLS ambulance has defined my career in health. Our work as EMS provider, comes with challenges but above all, we go to rest knowing that we have saved a life. Nevertheless, there are times when we sink in pain after some of the patients we encounter in critical situations take their last breath in our hands.

While in Malindi, I responded to a fatal road traffic accident which involved head on collision of Kenya Police Truck carrying 30 police officers and a lorry near Kijiwetanga at around 6pm.

The accident was so fatal that at least 2 police officers died on spot and over 20 others were in critical injuries

We evacuated some of the victims to Malindi District Hospitals. Some of the patients were referred to Kenya National Hospital by air. I had to accompany the patients to KNH. These are some of the most traumatic scenes we encounter in our line of duty.

Every day I prepare myself to face whatever kind of emergency and hope to do everything possible within my ability to save a life.

I have worked in Kisii County and currently I am stationed in Narok County. Over time, I have developed great passion for paramedic life. 

My message to fellow EMS providers is “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson


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