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Board of Directors

Dr. Abbas Gullet, MBS


Mrs. Susan Ng'ong'a

Managing Director

Mr. Paul Gondi

Board Member

Mr. Patrick M. Mungai

Board Member

Ms. Mary Maingi

Board Member


Established in 2010, E-Plus has been providing pre-hospital medical care and transportation to patients with illnesses and injuries on a Commercial basis as well as under Corporate Social Responsibility. E-Plus has endeared itself to Kenyans due to its superior equipment, highly qualified personnel and fast response to all emergencies. Our membership is affordable and comprises families, individuals, county governments, learning institutions, corporates, residential estates and communities, among others.

E-Plus has undergone significant expansion in the last 8 years, increasing its fleet base from 5 state-of-the-art ambulances in the standards of Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support, to 128 ambulances spread across the country. The scope of services has equally increased from membership subscription services to standby events coverage, county ambulance services, government ambulance service provision and air evacuation services. E-Plus is the preferred premier Emergency Ambulance Rescue service in Kenya




We work with our communities and partners to respond to medical and trauma emergencies through the provision of accessible, responsive and quality pre-hospital care to save lives. Our patients will receive prompt and appropriate emergency medical pre-hospital care from properly trained and certified professionals.



A regionally recognised leader for responsive, superior quality emergency medical and trauma response services



The organization’s core values are innovation, Sustainability, Professional excellence, Integrity, and Empathy (abbreviated to iSPIE),which are defined as follows:

  • Innovation: We continually pursue new ways to improve our service offering in a socially responsive manner in order to create transformative changes in patient experience.
  • Sustainability: We provide our services while ensuring long-term environmental, financial and social positive outcomes.
  • Professional excellence: We provide the highest level of compassionate services at all times. We demonstrate quality and ethical behaviour in our work and act in the best interest of the people we serve. We treat people with dignity and consideration.
  • Integrity: We are honest and reliable, our actions and decisions are guided by our professionalism, transparency and respect for others. We are accountable to the people we serve - our community and each other – and to our authorities.
  • Empathy: We actively seek to understand how patients, family members, care givers and our own staff experience the emergency situations we respond to, taking into account the emotions they go through, and we use this knowledge to improve their well-being and our service delivery.

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