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Celebrating Our Paramedics in the line of Emergency Medical Services

Saturday, February 2, 2019


By chance, having studied Supply chain management, leadership and business administration, I found myself leading the largest Emergency Medical Services provider in East and Central Africa; Emergency Plus Medical Services (E-Plus).


Closely, I have worked with a team of dedicated EMS providers in the categories of First Aiders, Emergency Medical Technicians as well as full Paramedics operating in the ambulances. Their dedication to their patients and their colleagues often goes unrecognized. As we celebrate EMS Week 2019, my appreciation goes to all staff of E-Plus, their families and all the people who make it possible for them to help people in emergency needs day in and day out.


The theme of EMS Week this year is “Beyond Call” which recognizes not only the normal schedules of work by EMS providers, but also going extra mile to save lives of people. Whether working routinely within the organization in their described locations, our team of paramedics most often go beyond those schedules and out of their work times and locations.

In most cases, every day our team face the most traumatic scenes as a result of road traffic accidents, collapse buildings, disasters, terrorist attacks (most recent, Dusit Attack) etc. It calls for a committed and dedicated staff to work in EMS Sector.  There is greater joy than knowing that we have saved a life from an emergency and handed him/her to the health facility a live.

Needless to say, we have lost paramedics through accidents and others sustained severe injuries in the line duty. It is a challenging work. But with passion for work, we get fulfillment in the mission of saving lives and gives assurance of living the purpose of serving humanity. 

At E-Plus, our clarion call is Time Is Life, motivating us to respond as fast as possible to the call of emergency. With this in mind, we have embraced a culture of service to humanity.

As this years’ EMS Week them calls us to go beyond, let us embrace the importance of pre-hospital care and observe emergency measures. For instance, having first aid training and a first aid kit comes in handy, having Emergency Call Numbers, and having ambulance service cover is very critical.

From my office, I thank all of E-Plus Staff for every work you do every day.


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