Emergency Plus Medical Services (E-Plus) Receives Donation of 5 Portable
Isolation Chambers, worth € 58,..."/> Emergency Plus Medical Services (E-Plus) Receives Donation of 5 Portable
Isolation Chambers, worth € 58,...">

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Monday, September 14, 2020


Emergency Plus Medical Services (E-Plus) Receives Donation of 5 Portable
Isolation Chambers, worth € 58,000 From The Switzerland Government to
Support Covid-19 Pandemic Response

E-Plus is playing critical role in the response and containment of COVID-19 in the Country. The government of
Switzerland donates 5 Portable Isolation Chambers to support efforts to reduce risk of contamination during patient

Nairobi, Kenya, Monday 14th September 2020: The government of Switzerland has today
donated five (5) portable isolation chambers to Emergency Plus Medical Services, E-Plus in an
effort to support safe evacuation of all infectious patients. In this pandemic, E-Plus is playing a
crucial role in the response and containment of COVID-19 in the Country. Recently, E-Plus
purchased 2 new portable isolation chambers and the new five units will help to increase capacity
for safe evacuations.
“This donation could not have come at the ideal time like now. Our main priority lies in ensuring
safety for our patients during evacuations as well as keeping our first responders safe from
COVID-19 infections. The donation of these special chambers will increase the options available
to E-Plus in supporting government efforts against the spread of COVID-19 as well as other
high infectious diseases like Ebola.” E-Plus Managing Director, Susan Ng’ong’a said.

She added that the adoption of the isolation chambers will mitigate and reduce the risk of
contamination and infection hence creating a safe working environment for the ambulance crew
as well as the patients.
“Ambulance services are most crucial in ensuring safe evacuation and transportation of patients
free of contamination and today’s contribution from Switzerland arrives in time to allow E-Plus
to provide effective and the most efficient way of evacuating patients of communicable diseases
like COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.” said Kenya Red Cross Society Deputy Secretary
General, Dr. Idris Ahmed.
“E-Plus is very grateful to the people and Government of Switzerland for their generous support
to our operation”.
Switzerland Ambassador, H.E. Amb. Valentin Zellweger lauded E-Plus for their meticulous work
in the pandemic response. While handing over the five portable isolation chambers, said that the
units will play critical role in reducing contamination since they work in both negative and positive
“The government of Switzerland is glad to continue its partnership with Kenyans through today’s
donation of the five portable isolation chambers to the Emergency Plus Medical Services. Through
this, the government of Switzerland is emphasising the crucial role that the health workers and
paramedics are playing in the fight against COVID-19. These units are designed to function in
both negative and positive pressures, hence ideal to reduce the rate of contamination to both the
ambulance crew and other people.” He said.
Mr. Zellweger lauded the work of done by the Kenya Red Cross and E-Plus towards reduction of
mortality and morbidity rates in the country while emphasising the need for continuous
E-Plus paramedics and ambulance operators have undertaken thorough training on the application
of the previously acquired Portable Isolation Chambers to ensure professional handling of the
E-Plus continues to play a critical role in addressing pre-hospital care in the country while actively
pursuing innovative approaches in the health system. Recently, E-Plus embraced innovation and
launched a telemedicine platform, eDoc where patients can access clinical services virtually.
The handover session was witnessed by E-Plus members of the board led by the E-Plus Chairman,
Dr. Abbas Gullet, MBS
About E-Plus
E-Plus is the largest private Emergency Medical Services and pre-hospital care provider in the East
and Central Africa, with 128 fleet of superior, fully equipped state-of-the-art ambulances, manned
by highly qualified paramedics and experienced in pre- hospital care. The company is owned by
the Kenya Red Cross Society. www.eplus.co.ke.

For further information, contact: Titus Kisangau, PR and Communications Officer,
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