Terms & Conditions

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1. Membership year

Membership year shall run for twelve months from the date of membership enrolment. Membership is not transferable.

2. Renewal notice

A renewal notice shall be sent one month before the expiry date. A reminder shall be sent a month before expiry of membership.

3. Renewal date

Renewal date shall be the date when membership renewal payment is made. Renewal is allowed within the last month of membership expiry.

4. Membership benefits

* Unlimited 24 hour ambulance service

* Stabilisation and treatment on site

* Transfer to the nearest suitable hospital depending on medical condition

* 24 hour Medical Helpline

5. How to call during an emergency

* Dial the emergency line 0700395395 or any other E- Plus emergency line

* Briefly state your name , telephone, where you are calling from, the nature of the emergency and give the precise direction to the location

* Do not hang up until the Medical Dispatcher requests you to do so

* Wait for the Medical Dispatcher to confirm that an ambulance has been dispatched

* Listen carefully and follow any instructions you would be given by the Medical Dispatcher

* Make sure you note down the name of the Medical Dispatcher

6. The waiver on pre- existing and exclusions

All pre- existing medical conditions, congenital conditions are covered. There are no exclusions on medical conditions

7. Medical emergency

Medical condition is a life threatening situation which requires urgent medical attention failure to which can result in death or disability. This plan is for emergencies only. Non- Emergencies will be charged.