Corporate Membership

This Covers 24/7 Ambulance membership for employees

Membership is restricted within the work premise and sometimes within the town in the residential areas.


  • Access to Medical Helpline 24/7
  • Unlimited emergency ambulance services
  • Treatment and stabilization on site
  • Tranfer to Hospital after stabilization

Other benefits

  • No age limit
  • No pre existing conditions
  • Congenital conditions covered
  • Medically indicated transfers from Hospital to home
  • Extension of membership to dependants at an extar fee

Target Group:

Small and larg corporate organizations

Annual Membership Rate: (Kshs.)

1 TO 9 STAFFS 3,000 per Staff per year

10-50 STAFFS 2,900 per Staff per year

51-100 STAFFS 2,800 per Staff per year

101-500 STAFFS 2,700 per Staff per year

501 AND ABOVE 2,500  per Staff per year