About Us

Emergency Plus Medical Services (E-Plus)) is a private commercial company, fully owned by the Kenya Red Cross Society, whose core business is the provision of professional advanced pre-hospital medical care and ambulance services in Kenya. Established in 2010, E-Plus has been providing pre-hospital medical care and transportation to patients with illnesses and injuries on a Commercial basis as well as under Corporate Social Responsibility.

E-Plus has endeared itself to Kenyans due to its superior equipment, highly qualified personnel and fast response to all emergencies. Our membership is affordable and comprises families, individuals, county governments, learning institutions, corporates, residential estates and communities, among others.

E-Plus has undergone significant expansion in the last 8 years, increasing its fleet base from 5 state-of-the-art ambulances in the standards of Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support, to 128 ambulances spread across the country. The scope of services has equally increased from membership subscription services to standby events coverage, county ambulance services, government ambulance service provision and air evacuation services.

E-Plus is the preferred premier Emergency Ambulance Rescue service in Kenya.


 “A regionally recognised leader for responsive, superior quality emergency medical and trauma response services.”


We work with our communities and partners to respond to medical and trauma emergencies through the provision of accessible, responsive and quality pre-hospital care to save lives. Our patients will receive prompt and appropriate emergency medical pre-hospital care from properly trained and certified professionals”


Our guiding principles are Teamwork, Integrity and Professional Excellence (TIP)


We pride ourselves in;

                        Upholding high standards of integrity,
                        Striving for professionalism and continuous improvement,
                        Dedication and commitment to providing quality services,
                        Readiness in meeting challenge and accepting accountability &
                        Maintaining high spirit and esprit de corps among staff.


To respond expeditiously to ambulance calls and provide effective, efficient and advanced emergency ambulance services.


Emergency Plus Medical Services (Eplus) is a private commercial company committed to the provision of professional advanced pre-hospital medical care and ambulance services.

This will be achieved through the establishment and implementation of a quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015.

We pledge to :-

  • Respond expeditiously and professionally to all medical emergencies
  • Maintain state of the art ambulances, modern infrastructure and quality systems
  • Engage, train and retain highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable employees
  • Create and maintain modern, fresh, high-tech, clean and appealing environment
  • Commit to high level of team work, integrity and professionalism
  • Develop fast and efficient internal business processes and systems
  • Partner with compliant and reliable suppliers who are sensitive to quality
  • Comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements in our operations
  • Manage our operations in a manner that will consider all risks associated with the business and mitigate these as far as possible.
  • Continuously improve our business by responding to feedback from our stakeholders

This policy forms the basis of our values and objectives that will ensure we build a strong relationship with our customers based on mutual trust and respect.
It is communicated throughout the organization and will be reviewed at annual intervals in line with the business trends and requirements of the Quality Management Standards.